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About Us

What is Eduput

Eduput is an online educational platform to connect students/parents with tutor and education institutes globally. Now throw away the traditional learning and education system where students attend the croweded coaching classes with almost unclear concepts. We make your learning easier with our online and home tuitions. Now students can also get the best quality education with their own preffered time and location. We have One-to-One and One-to-Many teaching methodsas as per student's convenience and choise. We offer our inbluit Chat Messenger system to connect students with tutors and experts, so that students can clear their doubts or ask question/solutions anytime anywhere from their Mobile, Laptop or PC.

At our website you can view tutor details and select the tutor you want OR our staff can find the right tutor for you!

With Eduput students can find tutor online for their subjects and class. We will also help you find the right tutor.

For tutors we give them excellent oportunity to spread their knowledge and experiences and can earn good money. We do not charge any money from tutors for signup. They will only have to pay upon completion of tuition session successfully paid by students.

What is benefit on Eduput

  • Learn with intractive audio/videos and images created by Eduput
  • Develop deep understanding of math concepts with fun interactives
  • We make learning easier with our fun interactives method and concepts
  • We provide online/offline tuition 1-to-1 and One-to-Many
  • We offer free education counselling
  • We develop customized educational content for schools and teachers
  • We offer cloud based advanced education interface
  • We offer education consultancy services for schools/coaching centres

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